Living Bliss

So, I am thinking about starting a series called People with Heart. Ok, so maybe that is a totally cliché idea, but lately, it seems I meet so many fine folks that live and share their bliss so freely and joyfully. And I, for one, think this should be celebrated. So bring on a few bad photos, a bottle of cheap beer and some double-chocolate cupcakes – let’s get this party started.

I will start by sharing with you this treasure of a lady whom I met this morning in La Jolla.

Allow me to introduce you to Margo.

There she is, looking so lovely. Right there next to me looking well, not so lovely. Why didn't anyone tell me my legs look like a linebacker's in those shorts. But, let's keep this about her, shall we?

Margo took me to explore the kelp forest in La Jolla Cove in some rather cold waters, cold at least for this warm-blooded Texan. Immediately when I met her, I knew…this is a cool chick. Why, do you ask, did I know instantly of her insane coolness? Because this lovely lady is living and loving her bliss. 100%.

Margo is one of the brilliant minds behind Scuba Diver Girls – an online and one-with-the-sea community of ladies (and gents) worldwide who share an infectiously awesome and profound love for diving. She didn’t set out to take the world by storm and be a huge success, she instead just went with what she loved. An entrepreneur with pure heart who saw an opportunity to connect women who share the love for a sport dominated by the men folk. She had it all right and, as you can clearly see, smiles from ear-to-ear because she knows full well that she lives everyday to do what makes her most happy. Today, she shared a little bit of that passion with yours truly. At 9am on a Wednesday, my new friend Margo and I descended into that there kelp forest you see in the distance. Along the way, we bumped into a little 6-ft 7-gill shark, checked out some bat rays and had what we will forever call the “a-bit-too-frisky-Harbor-Seal incident of Aug 10.”

Thanks Margo for the reminder that what makes you most happy can also lead to oodles of success. You are pure heart that bleeds pure bliss.


One Comment on “Living Bliss”

  1. that is too sweet! thank you so much. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. XO

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