This morning I had the pleasure of attending a speech by the former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox. Whether or not you think his time in office was a success, and frankly I am not willing or able to pass judgement on this either way, I still believe him to be a wise man. And it is because of his ability to so clearly articulate this wisdom that I will inappropriately refer to him as – The Fabulous Mr. Fox.

He's a really debonair dude.

Perhaps, it is the utterly hopeless leadership vacuum that currently exists in this country or maybe I was just available mentally today to hear his message. Whichever the case, he delivered to me a moment of inspiration on your average, run-of-the-mill Thursday morning.

His message was – commence. He began with a story about being thankful and maintaining a clear perspective.

That story goes something like…

One day, there was a man walking down a road on the way to his destination. Another man passed him on that same road in a fine, well-built automobile with his elbow resting on the window and a large cigar in his mouth. The man who passed was obviously proud of his accomplishments in life. The other man stopped walking and thought to himself, “why does he have so much and I so much less – why am I left here alone, walking along this road?” Then another man passed, only this man was in a wheelchair and was missing both legs and one of his arms. The walking man immediately thought of his own blessings and how much grace had been shown to him over the man in the wheelchair. He was left feeling immensely fortunate and began walking once again toward his destination. Only this time, he did so with conviction and a grateful heart.

The walking man commenced.

He commenced because he saw a contrast of blessings – his own, both as less and more. This realization gave him the power of conviction and with conviction one can overcome even the most difficult of circumstances.

So, today I was reminded that with each day, you are given the opportunity to commence. Commence something, anything, and then use the 24 hours each day you have been given to pursue with conviction that which you have commenced. This is most simply put as – momentum. The combination of momentum along with offering others the gift of your authentic self all along the journey – whether a smile, palmitas or a small bit of wisdom or advice – creates a human force which is utterly unstoppable. He explained how this simple idea could be applied to success at all levels – the individual, a family, even an entire society.

As I look at the state of affairs in this country and the deep mire that has us impotent, paralyzed and motionless, I think of this simple idea of momentum and authenticity. Somehow and somewhere we stopped walking to our destination and instead sit on the side of that road with our head in our hands and ask, “why?”

To the Fabulous Mr. Fox I say, thank you for sharing your wisdom and tomorrow I will open my eyes, sit up straight and commence – from the heart. After that, anything’s possible.


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