Caprice and Pun’kin Pancakes

Sometimes I am just lucky enough to meet people that make my day a little brighter. Caprice is just one of those people. And for the lucky people of Melrose, Massachusetts, she is an absolutely bright and shiny ray of sunshine, greeting them each and every morning over coffee, pancakes, corned beef hash and eggs florentine. Read the rest of this entry »


Memory Bottles

What if I had a memory bottling machine? I am just thinking out loud here, but something like a device or doohicky that would capture not just the image, but the essence of a moment. Some kind of bottling contraption so that we could bottle a moment’s greatness, bitterness or a bit of both for later consumption. The result would be a kind of fizzy soda of your past that when sipped, the effervescence would bring back every sense, emotion, mood, nuance, taste, sound – so that you could experience your moments everlasting. Read the rest of this entry »

Created to Create

Sharing a great post this morning by Alli Sim at Mmerci Encore on creativity.

In this post, she speaks of the infinite nature of creativity and notes that we were created to create. Well Hells Bells and Jiminy Christmas, this young lady could not be more dead on. Read the rest of this entry »