Created to Create

Sharing a great post this morning by Alli Sim at Mmerci Encore on creativity.

In this post, she speaks of the infinite nature of creativity and notes that we were created to create. Well Hells Bells and Jiminy Christmas, this young lady could not be more dead on.

33 Ways to Stay Creative

Remember when I said I have the attention span of an East African sand flea? First off, I am dead serious. Second, maybe jumping from one idea to the next, ravenously consuming random bits of information and otherwise driving those around me insane is a good thing? I just may have to consult my three ring notebook or what I like to refer to as my $0.89 therapist to answer that question.

But for today, I am going with maybe.

Enjoy the read and thanks Alli for a great post.


One Comment on “Created to Create”

  1. Hi there, wow a post on a post! I have a Moleskine, aka my very overpriced therapist I write in too. So glad I discovered you! Time to get a-readin’…

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