Blazing in a Yellow Beetle

I know how to work a stick. Work it right into high gear and get it done. Knowing your way with and around a stick can be an important skill for a girl. Yep, learned my way in a 1971 VW Super Beetle with a hand crank sunroof, droopy headliner and crappy pale yellow paint job.

Hold for a bit while I reach back into the past…oh yes, there it is…The pale yellow mobile classroom where I honed my stick manipulation skills was held together with a mighty prayer and smidge of Krazy Glue. Read the rest of this entry »


The ABCs of Crazy

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It has been nothing for a while now.

Nothing comes to me. Instead, I wander aimlessly around in this head of mine, trip on bitterness and wrestle with confusion. The feeling is a bit like a high pressure hose with a nasty kink. My muse has evaporated into thin air, leaving me with these rampant thoughts all jogging around in my head. No order – just jumping around, bumping into each other and not even bothering to say a fucking ‘excuse me’. Can’t seem to finish one before the next one starts. Read the rest of this entry »