The ABCs of Crazy

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It has been nothing for a while now.

Nothing comes to me. Instead, I wander aimlessly around in this head of mine, trip on bitterness and wrestle with confusion. The feeling is a bit like a high pressure hose with a nasty kink. My muse has evaporated into thin air, leaving me with these rampant thoughts all jogging around in my head. No order – just jumping around, bumping into each other and not even bothering to say a fucking ‘excuse me’. Can’t seem to finish one before the next one starts.

So…while my thoughts are waging an epic battle, I’ll just get back to basics and stick with the ABC’s of my [hopefully] temporary crazy.

Let’s go with three little words that come to mind – one little letter at a time.

Anecdote. Assassin. Arbitrary.

Borrow. Beg. Bellow.

Calliope. Calypso. Cotton Panties.

Dictionary. Detox. Detainee.

Earn. Egg. Everest.

Fertile. Futile. Fathom.

Geronimo. Gentile. Garish.

Harrowed. Hollow. Hurry.

Instead. Insulate. Intrigue.

Jacked. Juxtaposed. Jammed.

Kitschy. Kale. Kite.

Longing. Languish. Longitude.

Mighty. McDonald’s Play Place. Marginal.

Noose. Nincompoop. Nice.

Operate. Organize. Ostentacious.

Pontificate. Purvey. Perturb.

Query. Quantify. Quarrel.

Race. Rampant. Risky.

Scorn. Scathe. Scattered.

Tatter. Tug. Tailor.

Uncover. Under. Undermine.

Vex. Voracious. Vehement.

Wild. Willow. Winding.

Xanadu. Xylophone. Xenon.

Yellow. Yawn. Yarn.

Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Crazy – 1; Me- 0

I am no Freud or Jung, but I do feel a teensy-wit better.


4 Comments on “The ABCs of Crazy”

  1. Caitlin Mitchell says:

    “b” for bacon didn’t come to your mind? OR “L” for lemonhead?

  2. Have you been secretly observing my lemon candy obsession?

  3. Maria C. Gracia says:

    Love it!
    Even though you say your muse is gone.
    I think it still is there and smiling. 😉


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