Gypsy Summer

We made the decision to pack up our life and go on an adventure.

When the boxes arrived, they were quickly stuffed full of the stuff that stuffs our life.

Then these stuffed boxes were marked SHORT or LONG.

A local artist came behind us to make simple cardboard containers into individual works.

Before we locked the door, we paused for a moment to reflect and remember.

Then said goodbye to the past.

We have done the hardest part and walk now with a lightened load.

This is our Gypsy Summer. A simple life experiment. One designed to change us.

For now, we will roam a bit. Let new people and places have their affect on us.

Some may think this is living without a plan.

We see it as finding our new plan for living.


2 Comments on “Gypsy Summer”

  1. Kimberly says:

    I think it’s marvelous. I always say as long as you’re kids are loved, fed & sheltered then all will be just fine. Live, live, live like you want….there are no set rules; only the ones we put on ourselves based on what society “thinks” we should do. Have a wonderful, fantastic, joyful time. Love you guys & can’t wait to hear or see the next adventure….

  2. Maria C. Gracia says:

    Enjoy your adventure!! I think it is awesome to go with the flow onto new things and new people. The four of you will have lots of things to talk about during this time. 🙂

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