Schneider Hug

I just stopped by the Walgreen’s to pick up a few things I needed here in my new role as “Schneider.” You know the handyman from One Day at a Time?  What, you were too young to remember what and who I am talking about? Phuf… Read the rest of this entry »


La Tigresse and Baby Ninja

Excuse the slightly negative tone, but I have to start with ‘where have you been’? Read the rest of this entry »


This photo captures one of my favorite places on Earth and imparts a sense of serenity, loneliness and infinite possibility. When I look at it, I can see myself spending countless hours at the pier’s end gazing off across the lake. Just imagining and breathing it all in.

Some places are magic for your soul.

Photo credit: Aboudi Minkara; June 2012