Night Train

It was the night train. Boarded in Geneva after sunset and pulled into Rome at sunrise.

Chuck, chuck – chuck, chuck through Lombardia.

Rolled from side to side on the top bunk that night. At one point, I awoke to the sound of Italian immigration officers shouting and beating on the paper-thin door of the couchette. Couchette, that’s a fancy word isn’t it? Go ahead – use it three times tomorrow. Here’s one you can try “did Francis leave his pipe in the couchette?”

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By Mine Own Hand

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Leaving a Mark

Children of the Corn

From Shit to Shinola

Warning: if you have a weak stomach, uneasiness about feline excrement or if you are easily offended by some of the milder curse words in the English language, I suggest you don’t read on.

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Gypsy Summer: The Epilogue

Some time has passed since the final chapter of Gypsy Summer. As the winds begin to turn and Fall prepares its inevitable decent, I reflect fondly on the unmoored atmosphere and unforgettable events of summer’s past. Things such as… Read the rest of this entry »