Gypsy Summer: The Epilogue

Some time has passed since the final chapter of Gypsy Summer. As the winds begin to turn and Fall prepares its inevitable decent, I reflect fondly on the unmoored atmosphere and unforgettable events of summer’s past. Things such as…

A mime atop Montmartre sublimely enjoying an ice cream break


A daily supply of sweet Provençal white peaches


Gelato for breakfast and building trust in one another

And most importantly, an American boy coming full circle and learning just how much he has learned


Our Gypsy Summer. Memories I plan to chatter on and on about while I sit on my front porch, old and gray. Stories I’ll share packaged in between sips of iced tea and licks of Butterfingers off my fingers.

But, there is still so much to do before then. So many more adventures to be had. Hopefully, with a slight Texas twang and our gypsy spirit intact. One thing we have learned along the way is that we are happiest when we are creating. Most blissful while fighting deep in the trenches of a new idea, new endeavor or new project.

On the plane ride back and somewhere over New York, I thought long and hard about not just the next, but the best next.

What’s our best next?

I don’t think we have figured that out quite yet. Hell, who knows if we ever will. But, we have picked a direction and found a means to get there.

With the summer in the rearview mirror, we now prepare to pull the cardigans, scarves and mittens (which, of course, we will use only once) out of that climate-controlled storage unit. Along with the cooler temperatures comes an exciting new project we lovingly refer to as, “From Shit to Shinola.”

Here are a few hints:

It’s brown

It’s a split level (aka Peter Brady)

It requires a special suit

Curious? So are we. Skeptical? So are we.

As this project gets underway, you can find us serving syrupy Mai Tai’s and copious amounts of salty snacks to all of our fanciest friends right here at (not so much in) Unit #645.


Feel free to stop by.

She’s got a small floor plan, but luckily she is ‘all bills paid.’

More to come…


3 Comments on “Gypsy Summer: The Epilogue”

  1. kiersten humbert says:

    Your “reads” are great… so much time has past from our life in Arlington as young girls not understanding what the most important “things” are in life… Truly not things, but actions, memories and friendship. I am inspired by you my friend. Look forward to more great “reads”!

  2. Maria C. Gracia says:

    Lovely reading! I truly enjoyed it; and the pictures are beautiful! So happy you can write and we can go on a ride as if we were with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and writings 🙂

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