Only in Texas: Rudolph the Holiday-Adorned Sport Utility

This is the first post in a series I call “Only in Texas.”

Douchy Xmas in Texas

Oh, but wait there is more…

Rear Douchbag Xmas in Texas

No doubt, the holiday-adorned longhorns are hilarious. I wonder how often this vehicle sees some off-road action. I suspect, never. Another clue is the “I *heart* my wife” bumper sticker. Either this man has not one ounce of backbone or has had one too many indiscretions. Maybe it is this same wife that went to town on these decorations to ensure no woman would come near her man.

If so, it is highly effective.


S2S Day 31: 11 | 28 | 2012


Even without walls, the fleas remain

S2S Day 26: 11 | 24 | 2012


What Lies Beneath {Cough, Cough}

An unexpected visit by the building inspector means our project is moving much slower than expected. Demo should have been completed by now and we should be framing. Hoping to get things back on track this week. Meanwhile, the floors are coming up to expose the foul results of many, many years worth of neglected cats. Can we build a bonfire with that subfloor?

Oh, and I have developed a nasty twitch in my right eye. The result of too much caffeine or construction delays?

Lift and Sink

I have always been somewhat of a lunatic, which I attribute to my early days of swallowing bugs whole on a not-so-street-legal motorbike with my Dad, aka Captain Safety. It is true that these mostly ground-based escapades made a firm impression. However, I remain completely bewitched by the heavens and the seas. Wild and unruly places where anything can happen. Where natural forces can and will steal breath from your lungs and the life within your limbs instantly and without even the smallest of consequence. Bewitched maybe, but my time in the heavens and upon the sea has been limited. Read the rest of this entry »

One Saucy Redemption

I know a guy named Rodrigo. But, I call him Roddie.

Roddie is Mexican. Roddie loves to eat. Read the rest of this entry »