S2S Day 26: 11 | 24 | 2012


What Lies Beneath {Cough, Cough}

An unexpected visit by the building inspector means our project is moving much slower than expected. Demo should have been completed by now and we should be framing. Hoping to get things back on track this week. Meanwhile, the floors are coming up to expose the foul results of many, many years worth of neglected cats. Can we build a bonfire with that subfloor?

Oh, and I have developed a nasty twitch in my right eye. The result of too much caffeine or construction delays?


One Comment on “S2S Day 26: 11 | 24 | 2012”

  1. samlowephoto says:

    Wear your face mask! When I’m refinishing bikes, I have a dual chamber mask that is so good at filtering paint and clear coat fumes, I can’t even smell them, despite the thick cloud. All the ammonia from the years of, um, well, shit…cannot be good for you n’ yours…

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