S2S Day 47: 12 | 15 | 2012

Gatorade Moustache and a Big ‘Ole Hole

Big Ole Hole


3 Comments on “S2S Day 47: 12 | 15 | 2012”

  1. samlowephoto says:


    I’m quite certain that hole does, in fact, go all the way to Beijing.

    When I was little, and my parents were leading us through A Big Change — you know, remodling the kitchen, putting a new roof on the house, building a garage — there was always the “offal” that we rug rats could muck around and revel in. The flotsam and jetsam of the adult world was more than enough to buttress our already jam-packed inner universes. Kinda like that box Spongebob and Patrick loved so much… http://vimeo.com/12470044

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