Waiting Bone Dry

I haven’t had much to say recently. Hold on, I should be a bit more accurate, I always have had plenty to say, even if no one wants to hear it. But for the past several months, every time I have gone to the writer’s well, my bucket comes up dry as a bone.

Not even one word.

I suspect this dry spell has a little something to do with a condition called limbo. Not the hyper-bendy dance made fashionable by our friends in Trinidad and Tobago and that I tried to pass off recently as Hawaiian during my daughter’s 6YO luau-themed birthday party. No, it is more akin to the Seussian “Waiting Place.” Not a bad place per se, just a quiet place for regrouping and reconsidering choices and options before heading straight out of town.

Was I waiting on a bus?

Was I waiting for a yes or no?

I have no idea and it doesn’t really matter. It is simply time to go.

What have I learned from my waiting place?

That real life happens in the contradictions. That you are not one thing or another, but both and more. That there are many paths your life can take and not one is the perfect one. That sometimes you have to travel to the moon and back to see what has been sitting right in front of you all along. That sometimes you find yourself playing not to lose rather than playing to win. That a fierceness can be quieted, but not extinguished. That life will inevitably get daily and when it does, you must dig deeper and push harder. That when you come up bone dry, you have to keep taking that trip to the well, because eventually the life-giving water will return.

Today I went back to the well and when I pulled up the bucket, it runneth over with refreshing goodness. I sat under a tree with a stranger and listed three essential values I hold dear. That made all the difference and I made a promise to be true to them now that I see them clearly.

Autonomy. Authenticity. Purpose.

There they are. Pretty simple, right?

Now your turn. What are your essentials? What are those values you cannot bear to ignore?

I’ll let you think that one over. As for me, I am done waiting for the bus, train or a yes/no. I am simply headed straight out of town.


3 Comments on “Waiting Bone Dry”

  1. The important thing is you kept going back to the well.
    A process of meditation.
    Think about what your question is.
    Inspiration and direction will follow.

  2. I loved this. What a great post.

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