Moving On


You know when you were a kid and you’d outgrow a pair of shoes? Well, I suppose the same thing happens to writers. I was told once that every writer writes because they have something to work out in their lives. In this case, I would have to agree.

I started lifeonespoonfulatatime at a time when I was trying to determine the source of a deep unhappiness. The writing I did here allowed me to do just that and gave me something invaluable along the way. Thanks for stopping by, reading a bit and sharing your comments over the past few years, but, it is time for this middle-class American white girl to move on.

I will now write under my own name, Amber Curry Gracia and I invite you to follow me at my new blog: There will still be the same amount of narcissism and sarcasm, but with far less fear and resentment.

Go check it out!