Living Bliss

So, I am thinking about starting a series called People with Heart. Ok, so maybe that is a totally cliché idea, but lately, it seems I meet so many fine folks that live and share their bliss so freely and joyfully. And I, for one, think this should be celebrated. So bring on a few bad photos, a bottle of cheap beer and some double-chocolate cupcakes – let’s get this party started.

I will start by sharing with you this treasure of a lady whom I met this morning in La Jolla. Read the rest of this entry »


Kaulakahi Channel

I sat there peacefully with my eyes closed. The warm summer waters of the Pacific splashing relentlessly in my face as we slammed against the swells time and time again. Wrapped in a towel and seated on the floor of the small vessel, I rested my head on the engine block as we made the 17-mile journey back across the Kaulakahi Channel from Ni’ihau to Kaua’i. I had been warned that the ride back may be an adventure in and of itself. Not to be mistaken for a luxury vessel, she was simple, yet efficient. The engine was humming a low sound and I could taste the salt on my lips. My face tingled with the sun in my face. It was the late afternoon, the sun shining. I was exhausted, yet exhilarated. My thoughts centered on what I had just experienced and how it had affected me. Read the rest of this entry »

Vantage Point

Life can be exhausting, but there is always a little nectar to sip each and every day.

However, today is 100% nectar. Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking the Surface

You just have to get past the surface. It’s when you are in existing in both worlds that it is most difficult.

I recently went diving for the first time. No, I am not certified, but what does that matter anyway. Read the rest of this entry »