Malaria and Mud Pies

There is a story behind this picture.

Rewind just a bit. So, I contracted malaria on a recent trip to Africa. Yeah, that’s right, malaria. I know what you are thinking. This is another self-absorbed story about me and my bout with a tropical disease – like that time I told you about my early make out sessions with Andy Gibb, alter egos or jumping off a cliff with a Korean named Ki. Read the rest of this entry »


Mountain is Mountain. Life is Life.

A decade and a half of marriage. We thought, what better way to mark this milestone than to trek side- by-side, stand together above the clouds and watch a technicolor sunrise on the highest peak in Africa. The mighty mistress Kilimanjaro. Why the hell not? We have always wanted to set our feet upon her soil. So, that’s precisely what we set out to do together. Months of preparation, hundreds of hours of training and a hellacious five flights later, we find ourselves in Moshi, Tanzania.

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Feet in my Shoes {a rethought 9/11 tribute}

Yesterday, I had planned to publish an entirely different post. A post in which the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy takes center stage and serves as the marker of my lost decade. Oh, I don’t know…something about how 9/11 is a symbol of a confounding period in my life when I took the easy path. Or perhaps along the lines of how I took a great ride out into the world, and then, just when things were getting good, I bought a ticket on the Rubber Band Express. Read the rest of this entry »


What are the things you regret? Do you regret them because you let someone else convince you of “can’t” when you were convinced of “can”?

Itty-bit of context folks….ten years ago, I found myself in Costa Rica during a little interlude between B-school trimesters. After spending some time in the capital, I was off to the coast. About six hours and many bridges in need of maintenance later, I was on the Pacific Coast. Read the rest of this entry »