One Saucy Redemption

I know a guy named Rodrigo. But, I call him Roddie.

Roddie is Mexican. Roddie loves to eat. Read the rest of this entry »


Schneider Hug

I just stopped by the Walgreen’s to pick up a few things I needed here in my new role as “Schneider.” You know the handyman from One Day at a Time?  What, you were too young to remember what and who I am talking about? Phuf… Read the rest of this entry »

Lisa, or a Modern Pilgrim

It’s funny (not in a haha, but in a hmmmm kinda way) how things happen just as they should. Like, for example, on our flight from Chicago to Paris. Headed to the next stop on our non-stop Gypsy Summer, we spent some up-in-the-air time with a modern day pilgrim. Her name is Lisa Sawyer, a middle-aged mother, wife and self-described hermit from Reno on her way to the way of her life, more specifically the Way of St James. Read the rest of this entry »

Urban Surfer

Look closely at this picture. What do you see?

You might see a tall, handsome man in board shorts standing beside a black luxury vehicle.

But, look closer… Read the rest of this entry »

Southern Girl Teasing Academy

I spend a lot of time in airports. Not so much in an Up in the Air kind of way where I play Texas Hold ‘Em with my ghosts of statuses past and present, but more than is ideal given the age of the wee ones. One advantage to airport surfing is that I often meet the most interesting people along the way.

However, today I encountered a most despicable exception. Read the rest of this entry »

Caprice and Pun’kin Pancakes

Sometimes I am just lucky enough to meet people that make my day a little brighter. Caprice is just one of those people. And for the lucky people of Melrose, Massachusetts, she is an absolutely bright and shiny ray of sunshine, greeting them each and every morning over coffee, pancakes, corned beef hash and eggs florentine. Read the rest of this entry »

Brown Eyed Girl

Dear Brown Eyed Girl,

I laid there on the table with the brights lights shining down from overhead. There was a chill in my veins and the subtle beginnings of tears forming in my eyes. Your father was standing there silently beside me, his hand placed gently on my forehead. He was wearing a look of overwhelming joy with a faint dusting of fear.

Although my body was asleep, my mind was alive. I thought, “Who is this child?”

Only moments later, I could hear you and, by the grace of God, the sounds were strong. Then, the images began racing through me – a newborn baby, young girl, a teenager, a woman. Read the rest of this entry »