S2S Day 100: 02 | 06 | 13


100 Days Later

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.09.09 PM

Patience is not one of my virtues. It has been 100 days since we threw the first sledgehammer on this labor of absolute craziness. 100 days and finally we have not just one, but two permits hanging in that soon-to-be shattered picture window. Please don’t ask why we need two, because I cannot for the life of me explain it. Nor can I explain why these gold-dipped permits (plural) cost close to a mortgage payment. Let’s hope that the next 100 days are a bit more action-packed. Did I mention that patience is not one of my virtues?


S2S Day 81: 01 | 18 | 13


The City of Dallas Says, ‘NO’ and We Say, “WHA?”

S2S Day 81

Yet another redesign has commenced in light of a rather curious setback requirement. We see your setback, City of Dallas, and raise you a lovely cantilevered jewel instead. Sure, we huddled in a nearby corner in the fetal position for a few minutes and then came back with an even better solution. Now, can a girl get a foundation please?