Caprice and Pun’kin Pancakes

Sometimes I am just lucky enough to meet people that make my day a little brighter. Caprice is just one of those people. And for the lucky people of Melrose, Massachusetts, she is an absolutely bright and shiny ray of sunshine, greeting them each and every morning over coffee, pancakes, corned beef hash and eggs florentine. Read the rest of this entry »


The Bacon Chronicles (with and without a Brazilian)

Disclaimer: this post includes no life lessons, however, it is really delicious.

I have never had a pet pig and I am in no way a vegetarian. But, with all of my body and soul, bacon is bliss.

Meat, in general, and bacon, to be precise, play a central role in my culinary life. I have also convinced my children about the mythical qualities of this blessed pork product, however, my husband is a work in progress. Oh, and I learned recently that when pig belly is presented to middle-aged women by a hot Brazilian chef, it can indeed induce serious carnal feelings. Read the rest of this entry »