Farting on the Road to Copenhagen

She was a fresh, new and nicely appointed Volvo with less than 300 miles. Oh, and supple white leather seats.

I get to call her a she because estrogen wreaks havoc on my life and I am the author of this story.

It happened while on the road. Specifically on the road to Copenhagen. I don’t speak a lick of Swedish, even less Danish, but I am pretty damn sure of it. I did some checking and my best friend who traveled the road with me is most certain of it. Read the rest of this entry »


Malaria and Mud Pies

There is a story behind this picture.

Rewind just a bit. So, I contracted malaria on a recent trip to Africa. Yeah, that’s right, malaria. I know what you are thinking. This is another self-absorbed story about me and my bout with a tropical disease – like that time I told you about my early make out sessions with Andy Gibb, alter egos or jumping off a cliff with a Korean named Ki. Read the rest of this entry »