Farting on the Road to Copenhagen

She was a fresh, new and nicely appointed Volvo with less than 300 miles. Oh, and supple white leather seats.

I get to call her a she because estrogen wreaks havoc on my life and I am the author of this story.

It happened while on the road. Specifically on the road to Copenhagen. I don’t speak a lick of Swedish, even less Danish, but I am pretty damn sure of it. I did some checking and my best friend who traveled the road with me is most certain of it. Read the rest of this entry »


Southern Girl Teasing Academy

I spend a lot of time in airports. Not so much in an Up in the Air kind of way where I play Texas Hold ‘Em with my ghosts of statuses past and present, but more than is ideal given the age of the wee ones. One advantage to airport surfing is that I often meet the most interesting people along the way.

However, today I encountered a most despicable exception. Read the rest of this entry »