Wood of a Million Dreams



La Tigresse and Baby Ninja

Excuse the slightly negative tone, but I have to start with ‘where have you been’? Read the rest of this entry »

Lisa, or a Modern Pilgrim

It’s funny (not in a haha, but in a hmmmm kinda way) how things happen just as they should. Like, for example, on our flight from Chicago to Paris. Headed to the next stop on our non-stop Gypsy Summer, we spent some up-in-the-air time with a modern day pilgrim. Her name is Lisa Sawyer, a middle-aged mother, wife and self-described hermit from Reno on her way to the way of her life, more specifically the Way of St James. Read the rest of this entry »

The ABCs of Crazy

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It has been nothing for a while now.

Nothing comes to me. Instead, I wander aimlessly around in this head of mine, trip on bitterness and wrestle with confusion. The feeling is a bit like a high pressure hose with a nasty kink. My muse has evaporated into thin air, leaving me with these rampant thoughts all jogging around in my head. No order – just jumping around, bumping into each other and not even bothering to say a fucking ‘excuse me’. Can’t seem to finish one before the next one starts. Read the rest of this entry »


Made a commitment to try something that scares me everyday. On this day it is poetry.

Feel free to point and laugh, I can take it. However, I may still punch you in the nose, but you won’t know till you try me.

Read on at your own risk. Read the rest of this entry »


This morning I had the pleasure of attending a speech by the former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox. Whether or not you think his time in office was a success, and frankly I am not willing or able to pass judgement on this either way, I still believe him to be a wise man. And it is because of his ability to so clearly articulate this wisdom that I will inappropriately refer to him as – The Fabulous Mr. Fox. Read the rest of this entry »

Living Bliss

So, I am thinking about starting a series called People with Heart. Ok, so maybe that is a totally cliché idea, but lately, it seems I meet so many fine folks that live and share their bliss so freely and joyfully. And I, for one, think this should be celebrated. So bring on a few bad photos, a bottle of cheap beer and some double-chocolate cupcakes – let’s get this party started.

I will start by sharing with you this treasure of a lady whom I met this morning in La Jolla. Read the rest of this entry »