S2S Day 165: 04 | 12 | 13


Spring has arrived

Day 165

Along with blue skies and new green comes the celebration of 16 years of marriage and steady progress on our new (old) home. One year ago today we decided to cast off the old on our quest for the new. As always, life is a work in progress. Piece by painstaking piece.


Mountain is Mountain. Life is Life.

A decade and a half of marriage. We thought, what better way to mark this milestone than to trek side- by-side, stand together above the clouds and watch a technicolor sunrise on the highest peak in Africa. The mighty mistress Kilimanjaro. Why the hell not? We have always wanted to set our feet upon her soil. So, that’s precisely what we set out to do together. Months of preparation, hundreds of hours of training and a hellacious five flights later, we find ourselves in Moshi, Tanzania.

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