Broken Wing

The sound of my phone alarm – snooze.

Two minutes later…

The wake-up call is screaming in my ear – ok, ok, I’m up.

It’s 5am, I wake up in a hotel in San Diego and it’s the last day of a conference. The others have bailed, so I meet up with Candor and we set out while it’s still dark to reach the bottom of the cliffs. Read the rest of this entry »



This morning I had the pleasure of attending a speech by the former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox. Whether or not you think his time in office was a success, and frankly I am not willing or able to pass judgement on this either way, I still believe him to be a wise man. And it is because of his ability to so clearly articulate this wisdom that I will inappropriately refer to him as – The Fabulous Mr. Fox. Read the rest of this entry »